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  1. Stephen Lee, Orlando, FL   On   November 19, 2018 at 12:06 am

    I was getting fuel at a truck stop in Jeffersonville, OH. When I arrived to the truck stop, I was listening to my phone via bluetooth in the truck. My truck radio is always set to bluetooth. Something happened when I left the Love’s (I still have no idea what), and FM was playing. Not only was it on FM (I had given up radio as a dead medium years ago), it was also on a radio station that we don’t even have in my hometown. I have no idea how the station ended up on your frequency. I went to change the source on the radio, but I liked the song that was playing, so I just left it on. I didn’t notice the station, but I kept it on, because after the initial song was over, something else I liked came on. I started driving, and the reception for WZAA got worse and worse within just a short period of time. I didn’t realize I was listening to an LP station, so I was kind of crestfallen that I would be losing the station soon. Just before I lost reception, I heard the announcer on the radio mention Jeffersonville. I socked that away in the back of my mind for later retrieval.

    I continued driving, and sent a message to a friend asking him to look up a Jeffersonville, OH oldies station. He said the only one he could come up with was WZAA. I looked it up on iheartradio and radio.com and couldn’t find it. So as a last resort, I did a google search and found your web site. I turned it on and left it on (except for bed time) for over a week and up until now.

    For years, I have wondered why oldies stations repeat songs so often when there are literally weeks worth of songs to be played before you ever have to repeat them. I seem to have found that answer in WZAA. I’ve shared this station with everyone in the household and we’re all listening to it.

    I’m so grateful that you guys have created the radio station that I have been looking for for decades. I’ve tried Google Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and Sirius XM trying to find a “station” that plays a great variety without the constant repeats of the “Top 100 Oldies Station”.

    Thank you a thousand times over. I very much enjoy listening to WZAA. I hear songs that I love from the Archies to AC/DC (I never dreamed I’d find that kind of station).
    I’m ecstatic that I’ve found, against all odds, your station. Thank you.

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